I am now 5 months pregnant

I love Marit and really credit acupuncture for helping to regulate my menstrual cycle so that my husband and I could conceive our first child. I am now 5 months pregnant and still go as it is helping ease some of the discomfort of pregnancy and help me relax. Marit is totally wonderful. The clinic feels like a physically and emotionally safe place and I have felt very comfortable being totally honest about communicating-voicing where my mind/body was at every time I go in. – L.R.

Life Changer.

Life changer. Stop reading this and just make an appointment right now.

I had suffered for about 18 years with heavy allergies to pollen/ dander/ hayfever etc – and i have tried everything. Acupuncture was the very last resort – If only i had taken a chance oh so long ago I feel my days in the sunshine would have been much more enjoyable.

Marit is incredible. Acupuncture is incredible. My life is better after coming across this amazing practice 🙂 – D.B.

I don’t think I have relaxed that deeply

I decided to trust reviews when choosing a place to have my very first acupuncture experience. I was nervous at first as I’m not very good with needles, but as soon as she started to put them in and I realized it felt odd but not painful at all, it was all good from there. I don’t think I have relaxed that deeply while still being awake, in a really.. really long time.
Marit was gentle, professional yet empathetic, and you can tell that she really enjoys helping people. I’ve already made my next appointment! – S.G.

I’m going back tomorrow!

This place is great. Marit put four needles in my hand and lower leg, quick and easy, and after 45 minutes the pain in my back was substantially reduced. I’m going back tomorrow! – J.F.

One of the best experiences in my life

I have to say that this has been one of the best experiences in my life. It is a journey each time. I have been going at least 1 time per week since the beginning of February.
I went as a recommendation from a yoga instructor and my doctor to help with migraines and I also get treatments for anxiety, stress, and back pain.
I too was afraid the first time (needles) but Marit is unbelievable. She is calm, knowledgeable, and guides you through it each time. She makes sure that you feel comfortable and OK.

Each time i go it is different as far as what the needles feel like and how i feel during and after the treatments. But I always leave feeling better, relaxed and looking forward to the next treatment.

The treatments and Marit are what keep me going back…and the results.
I cant say enough… – K.S.

I refer my clients to her

I love, love, love Marit and her acupuncture.
I’m a midwife and I refer my clients to her. – A.H.

Chronic problems are getting better

I never had acupuncture before. I was apprehensive about the needles. No worries though. On my first visit Marit averted all of my fears and began to fix some serious problems. My chronic problems are getting better and along the way, she has chased away colds before they could catch hold.and quickly fixed muscle spasms in my back. Soon I will have less frequent visits as I get better but I will always look forward to visiting the safe, comfortable, healing atmosphere at the clinic. – C.D.

I highly recommend her!

Marit was born to be a practitioner. Not only does she deliver amazing and effective treatments, her presence, care and concern catalyze the healing process. I highly recommend her! – R.M.

I’ve seen it and I believe it

I’m an RN, so I’m a “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of person when it comes to healing and medicine. Well folks, I’ve seen it and I believe it. I’m not going to question it or think about it too much, because it’s all kind of a little unbelievable. My Western-Medicine brain can’t handle it.

I’ve never been anywhere else for acupuncture, and I can’t imagine doing so. I originally started going to help with stress and sleep, but I’ve been “caught” with other issues that Marit can tell I have just by feeling my pulse and/or looking at my tongue. Weird. – N.F.

Feeling better than I have in years

After struggling with a hormonal imbalance that was causing a myriad of symptoms for me, I turned to acupuncture for the first time after having less-than-ideal experiences with both a hospital clinic and naturopath. After just 4 sessions, I am feeling better than I have in years. I highly recommend Marit and am incredibly grateful. – H.L.