One of the best experiences in my life

I have to say that this has been one of the best experiences in my life. It is a journey each time. I have been going at least 1 time per week since the beginning of February.
I went as a recommendation from a yoga instructor and my doctor to help with migraines and I also get treatments for anxiety, stress, and back pain.
I too was afraid the first time (needles) but Marit is unbelievable. She is calm, knowledgeable, and guides you through it each time. She makes sure that you feel comfortable and OK.

Each time i go it is different as far as what the needles feel like and how i feel during and after the treatments. But I always leave feeling better, relaxed and looking forward to the next treatment.

The treatments and Marit are what keep me going back…and the results.
I cant say enough… – K.S.